Easter Post 01

April 5, 2009

Funnily enough, I’m kind of enjoying this odd day.

I’ve been sitting around, using this borrowed laptop, and really seeing the benefit of a “good” portable pc. “Good” is in airquotes because there appears to be some driver problems with the pc i.e. no sound output in any fashion. Which goes without saying is quite important, especially if one desires to watch any anime or play any of my Steam games (which I think the laptop could quite easily handle, abeit at medium settings).

My parents have gone to Brussels for the week. While being out here alone is going to be mega lonely (of course I’ll go to town at somepoint) it’s hard to deal with my mum’s depression over her fathers death. Scarily enough, I don’t (and didn’t) feel much. There is some element of horrifing coldness there, but of course I don’t particularly care. Either way, i’m found her rambling more extreme this weekend, and honestly I was un-fair. I’d get easily annoyed if I saw her doing something un-important or what i’d term as ‘slightly neurotic’.

The wonders of Gavin, eh?

Anyway, ciao for now.

Hello world!

November 11, 2008

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